Why move over to Hanover CRM?

Purpose-built for international placements, Hanover is a vehicle for global growth.
Hanover has been in constant development for several years, evolving into an all-encompassing solution for businesses focusing on placing applicants abroad.
Through this specific knowledge and tailored approach to serving those in international exchange, Hanover has built up to become an industry-leading CRM solution.
We're acutely aware of both the pressures and opportunities your international exchange business faces, and we've developed the Hanover database to not only survive these challenges, but thrive through them.
The Hanover CRM system has been created by experts in the industry, for the industry.


How Hanover can help your business.

Promoting growth through connection and automation.

The Hanover CRM system is your tool for growth, thanks to two key pillars; automation and connection.
Connection with the industry, applicants, or stakeholders is critical to your business's success. Yet, parts of this can be manually laborious, taking you away from your core strategy.
Automation allows you to maintain a consistent level of quality everywhere you need it, with no drop in service levels, all with highly customisable, personal touches throughout.


What can Hanover CRM do?

Providing all-encompassing benefits to every area of your business.

Hanover is packed full of features which aim to streamline your day-to-day processes.

Its full suite of hosted features range from placement matching to digital contracts, whereas the ability to integrate with external services such as Mailchimp or Stripe gives ultimate flexibility in moulding to the shape of your business.

Its unique development for international exchange businesses means that its features are designed to overcome common challenges businesses in the industry face whilst allowing you to be agile to capitalise on new opportunities.

  • Streamline existing processes, save time, and increase capacity

    Streamlining existing processes can seem like a challenging task for businesses that have done things the same way for a long time. But with many still completing a high level of manual tasks (which could be easily automated) across numerous processes, platforms, and mediums, inefficiency costs time and opportunity.

    Hanover CRM brings such processes together under one easy to use CRM system. You can implement new processes which ditch jumping from one software to another, whilst automation frees up valuable time and capacity.

    It isn't about automating all interactions but automating tasks which can be. This allows you to focus on providing a higher level of connection to your applicants with this newfound capacity.

    Features include:

    ● Email integration
    ● Text/SMS integration
    ● Mass comms recording
    ● Bulk account management
    ● Smart data

  • Improve partnerships and level up stakeholder management

    Replace outdated stakeholder management methods with one that works for the 21st century.

    Forgotten phone calls and misplaced information are a thing of the past. Clashing processes and opposing file types are consigned to the rubbish bin. Millions of confusing spreadsheets and offline filing cabinets are put away. It's all replaced with a clean, easy-to-use CRM system that consolidates every piece of information, all being a few clicks away. Recording communications, highlighting key issues, and keeping complete track of all account changes are just snippets of Hanover CRM's capabilities.

    With the opportunity for your stakeholders to also log in to their own specific portal of select information, it has never been easier to develop a partnership than with Hanover CRM.

  • Increase professionalism for all involved

    With a new Hanover CRM system, easy-to-use interface and a professional process for all involved, your business takes a new step in its journey.
    In our technologically-connected world, anything below smooth, sleek, and seamless has an impact reputation.
    By levelling up, you're not only gaining an operational edge but a reputational one, too.

  • Automate specific processes to allow for growth

    Automation is a key pillar for growth.

    Specific processes can be done in bulk, increasing outgoing capacity and the freeing of time from laborious tasks allows you to dedicate this internal capacity to different areas of the business.

    Hanover CRM's constant refinement has been in tune with the evolution of the international exchange industry, meaning we know what can be automated and the benefits from doing so. This has allowed for hyper-targeted new automation features, which still keep connection as a vital part of the approach.

  • Industry-wide integration through Hanover Connect

    As the international exchange community grows, Hanover CRM does, too.
    With the broader adoption of the Hanover CRM system within the industry, many businesses are using it as the perfect solution to automate and connect.
    The upcoming Hanover Connect feature puts those two pillars firmly at the forefront of the industry. By allowing Hanover databases to connect, talk, and relay information autonomously, we're bringing information and the international exchange industry closer than ever before.

Hanover in Action

Trusted daily by our partners in international exchange

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    Cenet are a leading sponsor organisation within cultural exchange, authorised by the US State Department. "Cenet strives to inspire a safer, more prosperous and compassionate world through international education and cultural exploration."

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    Geovisions focuses on cultural exchange placements, working across numerous sectors such as au pair, volunteering, and teaching."The GeoVisions Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity supporting global volunteer efforts and work abroad opportunities."

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    Alliance Abroad

    Alliance Abroad have been promoting international exchange experiences for other 30 years in multiple countries."We create cultural exchange programs that allow you to explore new careers, learn new ideas, and make new friends with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds."

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    Smaller Earth

    Smaller Earth are a leading cultural exchange business and have been sending applicants to summer camps around the world since 1999."We inspire others to go further."

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