Broadening applicant's horizons with a unique work abroad CRM.

Work & travel placements provide unique opportunities for applicants to both see the world and contribute to it, too.

As a Work and Travel agency, your role in facilitating these life-changing experiences is imperative. From recruitment to placement matching and in-country help, the support structure you provide is an important reason why applicants chose you as the vehicle to make an impact.

It's time to give yourself the system that you and your work and travel placements deserve with Hanover CRM.

How Hanover suits Work & Travel businesses

A CRM for Summer Camp Agencies

Bring your applicants, summer camp, internal staff, and sponsors altogether under one roof. Automate processes, connect with applicants, and manage key documents like never before.

A CRM for TEFL Agencies

Recruit incredible teachers and take them through the TEFL process using Hanover. With full placement capabilities with no capacity limits, it's the perfect platform for TEFL agencies.

A CRM for Resort Agencies

Display a different level of professionalism when working alongside some of the world's best resorts. Demonstrate capacity, ability, and your applicant's star potential to as many resorts as you work with.

"Don’t pick a job with great vacation time. Pick one that doesn’t need escaping from."

- Sukh Sandhu

Smoother processes with the leading work and travel software.

Key benefits for Work & Travel businesses

With features built specifically for work and travel businesses, the benefits are even greater.

Placement Matching

Match great applicants, with great employers, in great jobs abroad.

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Interview Scheduling

Take the back and forth out of scheduling and set availability.

Automate Processes

Mass stage moves, software integrations and bulk changes are all in.

Custom Content

Keep continuity with your brand identity with custom options.

Unlimited Applicants

There's no capacity limit, so Hanover can grow as you do.

Unlimited Programmes

Programmes in every country in the world? Hanover can handle it.

Website Integration

Existing website you're proud of? Hanover can compliment it.

Filter Segments

Break your audience down into segments and give targeted help.

Ready for a Work and Travel CRM?

Watch the demo to find out how Hanover CRM can level up your Work & Travel business.