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International Exchange
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Providing a market-leading international exchange CRM, built with your placement business in mind.


Paving the way for you to do what you're best at; placing applicants.

Hanover CRM is your vehicle to connect great applicants with great employers.
By automating tasks, simplifying processes, and freeing capacity, you can give more time and more personal interaction to placing applicants globally.
Through automation and connection, you can take your international exchange business through its next evolution.

Why Hanover and International Exchange?

Born from the industry

With a background in international exchange, the common challenges and problems were well understood. The vision was to create a platform which could revolutionise the industry through technology, and that's what's we've done.

Wide community network

We're proud of our extensive links within the international exchange industry and the community that has developed. Our close partnerships give a vital insight into challenges, issues, and most importantly, what solutions we can then provide.

Aligning values

International exchange exists to promote new experiences, cultural understanding, and to develop global citizens. We firmly believe in its positive worldwide impact and it is a mission which we align with strongly.

“Nobody can discover the world for somebody else. Only when we discover it for ourselves does it become common ground and a common bond and we cease to be alone.”

– Wendell Berry

Who Hanover CRM can work for.

Hanover CRM is the perfect International exchange programme software, no matter your sector.

Work & Travel

We have worked with Work & Travel businesses since our inception, with Hanover CRM being the leading choice.

Au Pair

Au Pair businesses can find exceptional value in Hanover CRM, taking their placement model to the next level.


Hanover CRM is a perfect fit for education placements, with key features designed specifically for it.

Camp Counselor

Some of our biggest clients are summer camp placement agencies, and Hanover CRM caters perfectly for it.


Volunteer placement agencies can bring all their applications under one simple process using Hanover CRM.

Internship & Trainee

Internship and Trainee businesses currently use Hanover CRM, with emphasis on promoting the applicant.


Whether teacher placements or TEFL providers, Hanover CRM has the perfect suite of features to support.


Placing teachers abroad is a massive industry, and Hanover CRM is the answer to growing within it.


Hanover CRM and International Exchange

By the community, for the community.

With experience in the industry prior to creation, Hanover CRM has long had access to what common challenges international exchange faces, but more crucially, what opportunities are available with the right tools.
We have acknowledged two key pillars, which when embraced, can supercharge a businesses growth within the industry.
Connection and automation.
Each development decision is influenced by these two key beliefs and this has proven to have huge positive benefits for each of our partners in the industry.

  • Work & Travel partners

  • Au Pair partners

  • Camp Counselor partners

  • Volunteer partners

  • Internship & Trainee partners

  • Teacher partners

  • Language partners

  • University partners

  • High School partners

Want the leading international exchange CRM?

Watch the Hanover CRM demo and see how you can make the next step forward within the industry.