Promoting connection and automation for international exchange.

Hanover CRM is a powerful tool of connection for any international exchange business looking to increase efficiency and level up.
An easy-to-use interface brings your key stakeholders around the same table, whilst a mixture of cutting edge integrations and automation frees your time to focus on what matters most. 

Trusted by the International Exchange community.


Revolutionising international exchange through technology.

Build relationships. Improve partnerships. Increase capacity. Hanover CRM has been built with your cultural exchange business in mind.

Stress-free transition. Accelerate your business.

A tailored international exchange CRM solution

Built to overcome the challenges you face. Hanover CRM has been built, refined, and defined for the specific hurdles that your work and travel business face.

Improved stakeholder management through one centralised system

Bringing you, applicants, and partners together. Hanover CRM puts connection first. With a centralised portal for all stakeholders, you can manage and develop in one place.


Greater business efficiency through targeted automation

Free up time to focus on what matters.
Hanover CRM allows for automation with a human touch. Save time on operational processes whilst providing tailored, personal support to applicants.

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Brand continuity though customisation

Make Hanover CRM uniquely yours.
Keep the brand identity that you've built, thanks to the countless opportunities to customise it in your image.

Expert tech support from an industry-leading team

Support from the team that built it. The tech support you get is from the team who created Hanover CRM, meaning there are no better people to guide you during your journey.

Flexible system that can keep growing as you do

No limits on your potential growth.
Hanover CRM focuses on development. Unlimited applicants, hosts, and partners mean it's the ultimate vehicle for growth.

Hanover CRM's results in numbers


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Hanover Connect: Coming soon

An innovative approach to autonomous connection.

Hanover Connect brings the cultural exchange community closer than ever before.
In an industry that transfers millions of pieces of information yearly, autonomous connection provides an opportunity to free up capacity, reduce errors, and save money.
For businesses that use a Hanover CRM system, Hanover Connect will allow systems to interact like never before. Agencies, sponsors, and partners can connect via a mapping process, allowing real-time one-way data transfer.
With the broader uptake of Hanover CRM within the industry, Hanover Connect will become a key feature in promoting automation and connection.


How Hanover has worked for those in international exchange industry.

"CENET has been very impressed with Hanover the team's level of competence. Their response times are fantastic, their technical ability unmatched, and great value for money. Choosing Hanover was one of our best business decisions."


Robyn Walker

Executive Director at CENET

"As an ambitious company that is looking to grow, Camp Leaders have relied on Hanover to scale easily and adjust to market changes quickly. Centralized data and reporting have given us great insights into our business which has allowed for key business decisions based on real data. Hanover has been built for exchange programs and I'd be happy to recommend it others."


Michael Thompson

Chief Growth Officer at Camp Leaders

"Hanover feels like it was built for the way we work and our goal to offer the best experience possible. We're able to process more participants in less time, allowing us to focus on growing the business. We've gone paperless. The support has been fantastic. The team is both approachable and professional. If you're looking for a system to help grow your business in the long-term then I'd highly recommend Hanover.


Laura Stephan

Program manager at Work & Traveller

"Hanover is solution-oriented and truly interested in building partnerships, not simply having clients. They're easy to work with and passionate about helping us meet goals. Hanover has resulted in quicker processing times, better data analysis and organization, which makes us more efficient and enhances our ability to facilitate rewarding cultural exchange programs."


Tori Patterson

Director at The Magellan Exchange

Built for everyone.

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Hanover Essentials

✔ Participant, Host & Partner portals✔ Unlimited programs, applications and document uploads✔ Automations✔ Hanover Connect✔ Online Contracts

Hanover Pro (most popular)

⬅ Everything in Essentials, plus:✔ Multiple Brands and Channels✔ Custom Dashboard✔ MailChimp Integration

Hanover Sponsor

⬅ Everything in Pro, plus:✔ SEVIS Integration for multiple batch types✔ ITP training plans and evaluations✔ Participant monitoring*$1000 Concierge Set up fee

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