Customer Support 

Our Hanover CRM is an industry-leading software for dozens of VISA sponsors, recruitment agencies and cultural exchange organizations. Each organization subscribes to administrator licenses of the software, which come with some foundation and optional services. Below outlines what you can expect as a subscriber to Hanover.

Customer Support Team


Aly B

Product Owner 


Amy W

Community Manager


Guy R

Head of Quality Assurance


Jon O

Operations Manager 

Foundational Services
Your monthly Hanover CRM subscription provides you with:● Initial onboarding and training sessions with the Hanover CRM team● 24/7 access to your instance within the Hanover CRM system● Access to the platform based on the package you have subscribed to● Ongoing development releases provided by the Hanover CRM team● Access to our extensive knowledge base● Access to a community management infrastructure with:- Support to resolve high-level bugs within the software- The opportunity to provide feature ideas to be considered for future developments
Additional Optional Services
Above our standard subscription service, a Hanover CRM client may commission additional services such as:Support RetainerTraining WorkshopsHanover Plus Projects

Support Triage and Prioritisation
Critical Bugs
All potential bug tickets should be reported to .moc.mrcrevonah%40troppus You will be provided with a unique reference number for future correspondence on the issue. For it to be considered a critical bug it must meet one of the following criteria:
● Your Hanover CRM instance is down, it cannot be accessed by all users● It is determined that one of the following functionality elements is non-functional for all users of a specific Hanover instance, or across multiple Hanover instances:
- Host/Partner/Participant Registrations- Host/Partner/Participant Log-in- Placements- Contracts- Training Plans- Monitoring and Evaluations- Payments/Invoicing- SEVIS Batching- Automations
We will respond to all requests stating whether the criteria have been met. For bug tickets that meet the criteria, action will begin immediately to resolve the issue with an anticipated resolution time of up to 3 business days.
Other Support Requests
For other support requests that do not meet the critical bug criteria, or there is uncertainty over whether the above criteria are met, the request will go through a triage process, and resolution will be on a best-effort basis, however, you should not expect a resolution before a minimum of 10 business days.

Our Triage Process
At Hanover CRM we strive to respond to critical and high priority bugs in a timely manner. As a result, we triage bugs carefully to ensure that we can prioritise the resolution of issues based on their importance to our clients. The below table describes our triage process.


Additional Optional Services
Support Retainer
We can reserve you a set hours of developer/consultant time to
● Work on lower-level system issues (ones that affect individual users, or ones to non-critical systems)● Work on small development features you may require (such as columns, dashboards or bulk action scripts)● Consult on technical questions about Hanover CRM and how it may link to your business.
The retainer is a minimum 30-hour commitment compromising 3 x 10 hr monthly retainers, costing $3,600 USD. You will receive;
● Your own dedicated Asana board to add suggestions or tickets● A monthly meeting with a client/developer lead to discuss your needs● Delivery of the agreed monthly developer hours to support your Hanover instance
More developer hours can be purchased at a rate of $120 USD per hour (to be reviewed annually).

Training Workshops
For new staff members or as refresher training for current staff we can offer full or half-day workshops with our Hanover team. Our Community Manager will create a topic list for your training and set a date for delivery.
Workshops are offered at a rate of $500 USD for a half-day session or $1000 USD for a full-day session.

Hanover Plus Projects
Customers can commission bespoke Hanover feature developments to meet their specific business needs. Costing and delivery timeline will vary depending on complexity, developer capacity and feature requirements.