Working with what you work with.

Hanover CRM seamlessly integrates with a host of different products, providing the chance to do things your way.


Hanover CRM Integration Categories


By connecting with your wider business strategy, Hanover CRM can be as included in business decisions as you need it to be.

    Payment systems
    Data & Analytics


Hanover CRM integrates with key marketing products, allowing you to reach your audience with ease.

    Third party Websites


Your day-to-day operations are vital to your business success, so Hanover CRM ensures it compliments them with select integrations.

    Communications platforms
    Insurance providers
    SEVIS integrations

Hanover CRM Integrations FAQs

  • Who hosts the Hanover CRM systems?

    Hanover is web-based and we host all of data on our fully secured servers in both the UK, EU & USA. This allows you to access Hanover from anywhere in the world with an internet connection and browser.

  • Who owns the data associated with each Hanover Instance?

    As the customer, all the data associated with your Hanover instance remains under your ownership - we simply host the data for you. If you decide to end your Hanover instance at any point then your data is sent to you in a CSV File.

  • How does Hanover Connect work?

    Any two instances of Hanover can be mapped with one another. This means that it can be set so that a field labelled ‘Primary Address’ can be mapped to ‘Home Address’ in a different Hanover. This means that data can be initially copied over on mass, and then any edits to one of those fields (as long as the API remains active) will cause an auto update of the relevant field in the connected Hanover. We believe this could genuinely be the beginning of the end for manual data imports and sending spreadsheets of data for our industry

  • How do Hanover's automations work?

    You can set a series of triggers and actions in your Hanover instance specific to both different programs and countries that you work with. An example would be when someones placement is confirmed, please send email X to the participant which has content explaining next steps. Our customers have dozens of these set up throughout their Hanover systems to save time on repetitive tasks and focus their attention where it matters most.

  • How does the SEVIS integration work?

    All of our Hanover Sponsor instances can be connected with the SEVIS system (after a set up process and verification of organisational certification). Once that happens the initial batching to SEVIS, validations and updates around monitoring can all be done by automated batch processes. The J-1 Sponsors using our system tell us the SEVIS integration saves them hundreds of administration hours every year.

  • Can I get new Hanover CRM integrations added?

    For Pro and Sponsor users we will always listen to requests for bespoke features, and where capacity allows quotes for bespoke developments to be added to their Hanover instance. For all users we have a voting system where our team will inform you of upcoming changes we are considering and allow all users to inform us of their priorities - we will take those into consideration when completing our consistent development plan for Hanover

Want to know more about Hanover CRM integrations?

Watch our Hanover CRM demo to explore how integrations work.